User and Security Management

  • Access Governance offers visibility regarding who has access to what information resources within an organization. Governance implies that the control of access is driven by policy as well as procedure.

  • Identity Management and Protection provides self-service for users, automated lifecycle management across heterogeneous platforms. It facilitates a rich policy framework for enforcing corporate security policies and enabling detailed audit capabilities.

  • Access Management solutions securely manage access to business-critical applications and data. These solutions provide centralized authentication and authorization, policy management and access control services for Web resources, systems and hosted applications.

  • Federated Identity Management provides web and federated single sign-on (SSO) to end users across multiple applications. Browser based integration and open standards provides short term gains in user productivity, user experience, and reduction in administration costs.

  • A Privileged Account is typically the administrator, super-user or root account for a given system and provides the capability, not only to reconfigure and/ or apply modifications to a system and/ or its components, but also to access any information that is held on the system. Security and Management of these privileged accounts is a priority for all enterprises.

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