Puleng Strategy and Blueprint


Our offerings have been developed as a component based roadmap, which allows the leveraging of existing technologies and the integration of new leading technologies in order to build an efficient, collaborative Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) program.

A strong User and Data Governance roadmap is at the very heart of our practice and ensures that the right Users have access to the right Services and Data while providing business advantage through self-enrolment, user life-cycle and a quality customer experience.

Our customers may be selective in the prioritisation of each component depending on their business drivers and strategy. blueprint  




The Puleng Technologies brand continues to gather momentum and is synonymous with "Project success", technical excellence and agility. We continue to provide our customers with technical leadership, strong returns on their investments, innovation and above all world-class support.

The fragile nature of our industry and the prominence of frugal and economically savvy buyers will ensure extended sales cycles within our customer base, shrinking margins coupled with the explosion of Cloud Service providers. This will dictate that ICT companies need to provide more innovation, expand their service offerings and remain relevant to customers who expect value.

Puleng Technologies continues to push the boundaries of innovation, ready to make bold decisions on adapting our portfolio and skills in order to continue to differentiate against our competition while ensuring margins remain healthy and our Services business agile and profitable.





Governance, Risk and Compliance Platform Security and Cyber Intelligence Cloud Access Security Broker Data Loss Prevention Data Audit and Protection Data Access Governence Data Classification Cloud Identity and SSO Access Management Access Governance Identity Management Priveledged Access Management Backup and Recovery Storage Infrastructure Converged Virtualisation Cost Efficiency and Waste