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Data Center Infrastructure is a complex world with numerous areas of integration. All these integration possibilities provide incredible functionality and could potentially make or break a solution. In most cases these integration points also prove the most challenging to implement. Technology "cul-de-sacs" waste precious company time and money, and jeopardise project delivery time frames. Building the right virtualisation and cloud infrastructure is not a simple undertaking and the design, quote and procurement of the infrastructure are all complex, time consuming efforts. Once procurement is completed, organisations must co-ordinate delivery of equipment, and engage services experts who understand individual components and their proper deployment practices. Those individual components must then be aggregated and tested as a complete system. Vblock Converged Infrastructure Platforms are designed to arrive ready to operate fully assembled and ready to support a workload. Specialist build teams from perform the racking, cabling and labeling of on average 300 components. Not only do customers save the time and effort to physically build the infrastructure, but now, their Data Center infrastructure is a single platform and not a mixture of discreet elements. A Factory-integrated system that simplifies procurement and through rapid deployment provides time to value by ensuring that the right system configuration arrives ready to power on and integrate into the target application environment, with predictable performance and availability SLAs.

A Converged Infrastructure Platform brings many benefits to our customers but in essence will simplify infrastructure management and operations, drive higher levels of Data Center standardisation, flexibility and performance and is aligned to the Puleng strategy of providing our customers with higher-levels of automation, clear differentiation, cost savings and time to value.

Puleng's strategy has been too align to VCE, one of the clear leaders in the integrated system market and has been based on their history of strength, innovation and leadership.

The Benefits of VCE Converged Infrastructures

VCEVCE has trusted partners with the best infrastructure elements

VCEDelivering a system to customers fully functional enables faster ROI - (45 Days from Factory to Floor)...

VCEHaving the industry leading virtualization technology as a core component of the system ensure that the platform is optimised for your virtual apps

VCEIncluding foundation management in every platform makes managing the system easier for IT

VCEEach Vblock Infrastructure Platform is designed to optimize space and can be customised to meet your energy requirements

VCEProviding a system that is pre-assembled and integrations are extensively tested reduces your risk  ...and all of this provides un-parallel investment protection

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Puleng Technologies specialises in Data Center Infrastructure design, implementation and management, and have a proven track record of project success in big infrastructure deployments and upgrades.


ENGINEERED AS ONE - Architectural standards and specs

A true converged infrastructure is engineered as one product. It is a tightly integrated system that is developed as a single system with integrated roadmaps and unique development processes. The system is pre-integrated, pre-tested, and pre-validated.

MANUFACTURED AS ONE - Delivered from factory

A Converged infrastructure is manufactured as one product. It does not arrive at a customer's warehouse or facility in parts that need to be assembled. It is treated as a single system built in a factory, to arrive whole and application-ready.

MANAGED AS ONE - Single object view

A true converged infrastructure is managed as one product, featuring a management software layer that provides comprehensive awareness of all resources and activities.

SUPPORTED AS ONE - System in addition to components

A true converged infrastructure is supported as one product. Our converged infrastructures provide end-to-end support for all components, but more importantly, provides specialists that understand the intricacies of a converged system.

SUSTAINED AS ONE - Release compatibility matrix for lifecycles system assurance and integrity

A converged infrastructure is sustained as one product, eliminates the burden of complex patches and updates. As the system is engineered, manufactured, managed, and supported as one product, updates and patches are also made simple. By providing step-by-step instructions, configurations, and guidelines, sustaining a system through its product lifecycle is more manageable.


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