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The solutions that we provide comprise Electronic Waste and Power Management for both desktop and virtualised server infrastructure. PC power management with its user-friendly approach never impacts user productivity and demonstrates credible savings, creating efficiencies, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Software licence visibility and reclaim provides a rationalised inventory relevant to the usage of all installed applications across the enterprise. Predictive analysis of applications, licence costs and where installations are unused , unused is a platform for significant cost saving. The solutions provides actionable results to intelligently assist, automatically reclaim and recycle software assets.

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Puleng Technologies specialises in Data Center Infrastructure design, implementation and management, and have a proven track record of project success in big infrastructure deployments and upgrades.



IT budgets are being slashed each year, and yet the requirement to deliver more efficient and innovative solutions to meet business objectives are escalating exponentially at the same time. Companies are being pressured to show proof on how they are contributing to a greener planet. Implementing technologies to power down and power up desktops as and when required has huge potential savings for organisations


Managing software assets from acquisition through to disposal is a complex task and when done incorrectly may lead to significant reputational risk and costly vendor penalties. Run inefficiently, software is also a costly expense to any organisation. Software license reclaim technologies enable a business to discover what applications are deployed, which of these applications are actively being used and enabling the reclaim of unused software, across the enterprise.

PULENG TECHNOLOGIES is a specialist in the delivery of Cost and Waste Efficiency solutions with a focus on leveraging current investments while ensuring we can demonstrate savings in the area of software Visibility, Waste and Reclaim.


Provide a Self-Service interface that will initiate a single approval and fulfilment process for the delivery of standardised corporate Applications and automate request fulfilment while providing transparency in terms of Application costs. Increase the visibility into what Applications are available, what will be delivered, when, at what price and at what service level. Standardised IT service offerings and processes - achieve greater operational efficiency and economies of scale..


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