Data Access Governance

  • Data Classification provides visibility into an organisations valuable information to provide business intelligence, encryption and protection of sensitive data against intrusion, while matching data to the appropriate tier of Storage configuration.

  • Data Loss Prevention is focused on preventing the leakage of data, whether maliciously or accidentally, out of the organisation and thus protecting the intellectual property of the business. The key drivers for DLP projects is compliance, security and gaining visibility into the company's data. Discover and monitor the location and flow of sensitive data across the organisation and enforce where necessary or required.
  • Data Life-cycle Management is the process of managing business information throughout its lifecycle, from requirements through retirement. Data lifecycle controls should ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data collected, whether used or stored by the organisation, throughout the useful "life" of that data. This includes secure disposal at the end of that cycle, to prevent unauthorised disclosure, modification, removal or destruction of information assets, or interruptions to business activities.

  • Data Audit and Protection helps to ensure the security, privacy and integrity of information within the Data Centre. Focused on heterogeneous environments across databases, data centres and big data architectures.

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