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Our investment in the technical architecture team has been a recipe of differentiation and a catalyst for securing critical long-term contracts and new customers. The ability to lead with Professional Services has also allowed us to become a confidant and trusted adviser to many of our customers and ensures that our reach goes deeper and wider across the customers ICT Landscape. Puleng has a team that is totally self-sufficient in defining the pre-requisite of the various data, integration points and process flows within a project and once transitioned to production provides the expertise to support these complex environments.

In order to continue to differentiate and provide value our sales teams take on a consultative approach so that we can bridge the value gap with our customers, while our architecture teams continually engage with both technical and business owners to align the respective use-case against the solutions we build. Puleng has developed a series of Services and Workshop led Assessments to address specific business and IT related issues and which can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

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With ever-changing regulations, and a growing number of on premise, cloud and mobile applications, knowing who has access to what and why is more important than ever...


Being able to back up your data is important, being able to restore it is critical!. Data is growing at a rapid pace and so is its value to an organisation...


Cloud adoption continues to grow, having a measurable impact on businesses today. Cloud solutions provide an alternative to traditionally costly IT services and access to IT skills at an affordable cost...


An entitlement audit service helps organisations significantly improve desktop security by making it easy to remove administrator privileges from users without impacting productivity...


Determining your software install base is an important first step in understanding your licensing exposure and whether or not you are compliant...